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Hello community!

Today I started working on my very first overclock, and reached 4.2 GHz with around 1.23-1.25 vcore. It seems that I have quite lousy chip, as I can't even reach stable 4.3GHz unless I go 1.3 (or maybe over). I haven't yet touched any other setting other than core voltage and multiplier.

Getting temps around ~83 degrees celsius with Prime95 running for about an hour. (From what I have read these temps are just fine)

Anyways, if i opened pretty much any program during prime95 i would get a bluescreen. Does this mean I have unstable OC? and if it does, should I not run any programs while prime95 is active?

Asus z87-a
Thermalright macho HR-02 rev. a
three case fans (one on the front, one on the roof and one on the back)

Thanks for reading :)
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    What prime95 does it that it puts your CPU under the maximum load it can handle. Obviously if then you try to add things to it... it crashes. If you made it through a 30 mins or 1 hour prime95, I would say that it is stable enough.
  2. sorry, but have to disagree, every time i run prime i always use the pc as normal, browsing, youtube, even video editing, if the cpu is stable it should be able to handle this and prime easily. also, it's recommended that you run prime for 24 hours, i would go 12hr minimum, i often get bsod after around 4 to 5 hr mark.
    bottom line, your cpu is not considered stable unless you can run prime for min 12hrs and use pc as normal.
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