(Solved) Help on PC turning on/off several times before successful startup


I looked into the threads regarding PC's turning on then off immediately but none seem to share my problem so I created a new thread.

After installing an aftermarket cooler (CoolerMaster Hyper 212X) , turning on the PC would at first start all fans, then would stop immediately in less than a second. This would happen several times before booting up successfully. Some other details below:

- this also only happens when the PC has been turned off for a while. Immediately restarting or turning off the PC after successful startup (and even flicking the switch in the PSU to off position), and waiting for just a few minutes and starting up again would allow the PC to startup normally.
- the cooler's fan is spinning once power button is first turned on, and is plugged correctly in the CPU fan header
- I tried re-inserting the stock cooler's fan into the CPU fan header and encountered the same issue.
- upon startup , CPU temps on average are at around 30+ degrees C only. GPU temp is at 30C
- PSU has been replaced with 700W and problem still persisted

I had a few assumptions given the above details. Kindly indicate if I should not rule out any of the below causes:
1) I ruled out possibility of a short since I can boot up normally after a while and even restarting the PC immediately does not encounter startup problems.

2) I ruled out overheating problems since upon successful startup temps are ok.

3) PSU was replaced so I was able to rule out PSU problems

My rig is:
MSI P55-GD55
Intel i5-760
CoolerMaster Hyper 212X
Sapphire Radeon 7870 OC ed.
Cougar CMX 700W (v2)
Geil 4GB RAM 1333

Could anyone help on any other things I could do to resolve the startup issue encountered when PC has been off for a while?

Thanks very much in advance.
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  1. Hello... Re-booting, by the BIO's, is typical if your manual MEMORY settings are not usable, some BIO's will try to auto adjust them, thus the re-starts till it is happy with a new setting...
  2. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... Re-booting, by the BIO's, is typical if your manual MEMORY settings are not usable, some BIO's will try to auto adjust them, thus the re-starts till it is happy with a new setting...

    Hi Ironsounds,

    Thanks for the reply. If it was the BIOS readjusting, wouldn't it occur only once so that it would then keep using the setting it was comfortable with? Also, is there a way for me to confirm this would be the case?

    I forgot to mention also that the rig is almost 3yrs old (except the the GPU which is 2yrs old), and it never encountered this issue before until after I installed the CM Hyper 212X. I'm not sure if this was just a coincidence though...
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    Hello... Well do you have your BIO's memory set to auto? also do a "save your settings" in your BIO's ( maybe it needs a new file saved )... BIO's CMOS battery getting low and needs replaced if you start losing your saved settings? Maybe you need to remove each stick of memory and clean them with rubbing alcohol and re-seated... My experience with your stated problem is memory and BIO's settings related.
  4. Hi,

    Just for reference in case anyone else encounters the same problem, it turned out to be an issue with the motherboard. Cleared CMOS, reset default settings for BIOS and removed everything except the GPU (no onboard graphics), CPU and PSU and the startup problems were still encountered.

    I later experienced frequent freezing when installing anything, accessing the web or even consulting Event Viewer when not in safe mode. Thinking it was the OS, I reinstalled OS in a different HDD and once I started re-installing drivers, the freezes were encountered again.

    So I was forced to upgrade my rig and buy a new motherboard and CPU...problems weren't encountered anymore so there were no issues with my RAM or the HDD's.

    Thanks Irounsounds, for taking time to address my problem. :)
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