Small RAID 10 Array Using 2.5" Drives?

I am putting together a list for a new build. My old computer has been around since '07 and I've seen some flaky symptoms lately. It was my second home-build, and for the new one, I'm planning on an ASUS P8Z77-V mobo, 3770K CPU, etc. I will use the computer for my business, streaming many channels of audio to hard drive.

For comparison, my old system uses 80 GB PATA drives in pull-out bays for my audio data. I manually back up one drive onto its twin backup. Every evening, I have done this, and every month, I have manually organized the drives. I've become busy enough that this has become old and tiresome, and takes away too many hours from productive work.

The chassis I'm looking at is a rack-mount ATX version which contains 3 - 5.25" bays and a small bay at the bottom. My plan is to mount an SSD at the bottom w/ the OS, use one of the larger bays for a disk drive, and use only one of the remaining 5.25" bays for my array of 4 2.5" drives, all packed in an ICY DOCK MB994SP-4S.

I have read the news that the 2.5" drives are slower than the 3.5". However, I see two reasons not to be concerned about this:

1. Because I'm presently using PATA drives and tracking / mixing 40+ tracks without any problems, I think the faster(?) SATA drives will inherently work just fine.
2. In a 4-unit RAID 10 array, the read/write access should be twice as fast as the single drives.

Another reason, I'm considering this is the lowered noise floor.

So what are the pros and cons I haven't considered? Are 4 drives enough for this configuration? The motherboard I'm looking at does not offer more than 4 outputs from the same controller, anyway.

Thanks, guys.
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  1. I think its overkill, and you'd be better off using faster 3.5" drives.
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    Wouldnt you just use RAID 5 and save on buying one of those drives?

    Even then ...dont do it . Over all it would likely be slower than a single modern 7200 rpm 3.5 inch drive , and you could just use software like acronis true image to mirror that on an automatic schedule to a second identical drive
  3. Thanks for the confirmation.
    I have changed my plans to use a couple of the larger drives in RAID 1.
    I will be using 1 SSD for the OS.
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