I bought some capacitors to replace my old ones, are they the right ones?

I need to replace these capacitors, but I don't what type they are. It says 470uf 25v on the side.
Here are some pictures:

I bought some capacitors ebay, and when I was going to replace the old ones, the new ones looked different and were kind of bigger. So I think I got the wrong ones.

Are they the wrong ones, if so, can I get a name or something. Thanks in advance.
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  1. They are the same, 470µF 25V, but from different manufacturers, they are bigger but if they fit you should not have any problem.
    Why do you change those capacitors in your PSU ?
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    Those amazon capacitors are actually smaller, and they should work perfectly, assuming they are working parts. New = 10x12mm, old were 10x16mm or taller.

    To be frank though, you should invest in a new power-supply rather then putting quality parts in a sub-standard unit.
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