toshiba portable hdd not detecting in any PC

I have a problem with my toshiba 500gb USB portable HDD. It was working great on Win7 64bit pro for 12 months. Then it just stopped working. Can see it in device manager, but not in windows explorer or in powerdesk.
When I open Computer Management and go to disk management, it comes up with a message to initialize the disk. Choosing either MBR or GPT has the same result - The media is write protected. It is not listed in the top section of disk management, Right clicking on it only gives properties or help. In properties, under Volume it lists:
Disk: Disk 1
Type: Unknown
Status: Not Initialized
Partition Style: Not Applicable
Capacity: 476940 MB
Unallocated Space: 0 MB
Reserved Space: 0MB
I have also tried it with my dell laptop running Win7 32bit home with the same result.
How can I initialize it, or do I have to use partition software? I really want to recover the data on it and would prefer not to reformat it until then.
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    If you initialize the disk or use a partition software you're likely to wipe the data so I wouldn't do that now.

    Not sure if it can be recovered, the drive might be defective. I would try with some "undelete" software first, maybe they'll be able to recover the data or repair the disk but it's no guarantee.

    If it's a mechanical or electronic problem inside the drive, you could send it to a data recovery company but it's expensive, usually between 500$ and 1000$ for the salvage.
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