3570k w/ 212 EVO limitations 4.7+ possible?

I was wondering how far I should realistically push my chip without straying into diminishing returns/cataclysmic failure on my cpu/cooler combo.

I'm currently able to reach 4.6GHz with a max load voltage of 1.76. I was wondering if there's any settings that I should check in order to make sure that I haven't done something catastrophically wrong.

Since I am a first time pc builder, I used a guide to do my OC for me:

I used the green overclocking method with an offset of .020v
Also reaching a toasty 65C on Prime95

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. 1.76V?!?! Are you sure that is your CPU's voltage and not the CPU PLL voltage? If it is your CPU's voltage, that is absolutely unsafe.

    The only way to know if your can hit 4.7 GHz is to try. Every chip is different.

    65C is not toasty, that is very good. Are you running the Small FFTs test? And is 65C the core temp or the package temp?
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    my chip at 4.5ghz 1.192-1.208v runs max 79c on an hour or two of prime with a cm 212. after 3 hours of intensive planetside 2 gaming? 69c max. so yeh it probably can be done. BUT there are alot of 3570k chip owners who swear that 3570ks cannot hit 4.5.....they just dont realize some people have better chips. just luck of the draw. different mobos also make a big difference

    and 65c max @4.6ghz after hours of prime on an evo? ill believe it when i see it. run a blend test for an hour. if you dont hit 70-79 you have a little gnome in your box that is using a tiny firehose on your cpu
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