DVD Writer Causes PC to Shutdown

Recently, I had some PC problems (replaced my main system hard drive and repairs were made to my motherboard’s batteries). I’ve had one problem after another. Now I’m having problems with my DVD Writer, an LG DVD Rewriter # GH22NP21. FYI, I am using Windows XP, SP3.

Whenever I insert a DVD or CD, blank or not, my PC shuts down as soon as it begins to read the disk. If I boot my PC with a disk in, it shuts down immediately.

I’ve tried uninstalling the driver and adding it back on, but it does not help. I’ve disabled and then enabled the drive. I’ve removed the drive and then added it back in the Device Manager. I’ve also replaced the cable and checked the jumpers. I’ve tried to use Microsoft’s Fix It program, but it asks for a disk to be inserted and this results in a shutdown.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Try to boot into safe mode and use the DVD drive, see if it causes problem or not. It happens sometimes when the lens of DVD gone bad. If you have someone to borrow/lend a DVD drive, than try it. If that causes no problem than replace the DVD drive. Please keep us posted.
  2. Gave Safe Mode a try, but it shutdown again. Probably gonna just replace the drive. Thanks for your reply.
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