How do I connect a modular PSU to a GTX 760 with 6 & 8 pin connector?

This is probably a stupid question. Long story short: I just assembled a new build, hit the power button, and my new Gigabyte GTX 760 literally started producing black smoke. It was either a faulty card, or I screwed something up. I want to make sure.

The GPU I have has 2 power connectors: a 6 pin and an 8 pin. I assume that they both have to be connected?

I have a Thermaltake 850W modular power supply. It included 2 cables (labeled PCI-E) that have a 6+2 pin connector (2 pins kinda hanging off the side). Each cable actually has 2 of those connectors daisy chained.

Thinking it would be silly to just connect the same cable twice, I used 2 separate cables, from the PSU, to the graphics card. In one port, I just plugged in the 6pin connector and left the +2 pins hanging. In the other port, I plugged in all 8.

However, this card got absolutely fried, producing smelly black smoke when I powered on. The computer (both before and after) seems fine. The PSU is brand new.

Did I connect this wrong? Should I have just used 1 of the cables from the PSU?
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  1. No, you should replace the PSU. What is the exact model of that PSU? You hooked it up right, as long as both cables are labeled PCI-E.
  2. It's this one: (Thermaltake SMART M850W)

    See those red connectors? I plugged one cable in each, then routed each one to a connector on the graphics card. I RMA'd the card, but I'm a little worried about plugging the replacement in.

    You really think the power supply is bad? Should I break out my multimeter?
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    I don't like that the PCI-E cables are on the same cable, but the one review I read is fairly good. However, if you hooded it up right, and it sounds like you did, that would be the next part I'd start to suspect.
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