Problem installing Windows 98se on a Gateway MT6730 Notebook PC.

Hey guys, I received a Gateway MT6730 Laptop with a non-working installation of Windows Vista (screwed up by SP1), so I decided to install Windows 98se on it, the installation went flawless, and Windows 98 works perfectly, besides that it display settings are stuck on 640x480 resolution, and 16 color mode.
I asked on a different forum, but they told me to download the Motherboard/Graphics drivers for the Laptop, problem is, the only drivers are for Windows NT only (Specifically WinXP, and WinVista), so now I've come here for help.
What I'm looking for, are drivers that will work on Windows 98se, and this laptop, and allow me to increase resolution to at least 1024x768, and 16-bit color.

Thanks for any help.

I also have some missing Drivers that I'm having trouble locating, but I'm not quite as worried about them:
USB 2.0, LAN, and Wireless LAN.
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    Honestly, I do not think they ever made Win98SE drivers for that system.

    Without those drivers, Windows 98 will not let you do much. That said, even if you manage to get it to change the resolution, you will have almost no performance because of the lack of video drivers.

    Your best bet would be XP(if you can still find a copy) or just reinstalling Vista on it(SP1 should not have messed with the system).
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