Hi, I've priced out two very similar systems the only difference being one is m-ATX while the other is m-ITX. Which size would be better for a living room gaming PC? Thanks in advance

M-ATX Build-

M-ITX Build-
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  1. Both with perform as well as each other, so it ultimately depends on which PC case you prefer the look of, and where the PC case will be situated in your living room. Bear in mind the ITX prevents you from installing a sound card or pursuing a multi-GPU configuration in the future, but other than that, which ever is easiest for you. I would personally go for the Mini ITX as I prefer the look of the Prodigy, but it's up to you taste.
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    If you're going with the prodigy, you have to take in mind that it really isn't that small. It's certainly smaller than a mid sized atx but there are smaller m-itx cases, and mATX cases there about the same size, not to mention I believe bitfenix is actually releasing a mATX version of the prodigy with similar dimensions.

    Also since i have a prodigy I can say that although that heatsink you picked will fit(I have a similar hsf) BUT its going to be tight. I made the mistake of trying to put the hsf while the board was inside of the case....bad idea.
  3. you can fit up to a d14 in a prodigy if you really wanted to. ive seen it done

    heres how i would do it however
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