PSU Died, What About Other Components? (HDD esp.)

Okay so recently my PSU died and I was wondering how likely it was for my components to be damaged in the proccess. I have an Arctic 480w PSU and died because my GPU was probably sucking alittle too much power from it. Now my PSU did not died in a power surge or anything like that which makes me to believe that no powerful currents and voltages got through but it died from just being bad and old (1 3/4yrs). So what are the chances of my components being damaged (HDD esp.)?
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  1. Chances are, your other parts will be fine. Good luck!
  2. jimthenagual said:
    Chances are, your other parts will be fine. Good luck!

    Why do you say that?
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    It is all chance. Sometimes it will fail and ruin nothing. Sometimes it will over-volt right before it fails and ruin it all. I have seen plenty fail and ruin nothing, while I had a PSU fail and ruin the HDD, mobo, CPU, GPU.
  4. Just wishing you luck, as there is always the CHANCE that your PSU would have hurt some other parts when it died, and I am hoping that doesn`t happen to you.
  5. Yeah... Is it very likely like do most PSU's damage components or is it very rare like 1 out of 10 are damaged?
  6. Any reason you are asking this question again?( There is always a chance a PSU will damage components when it fails(no matter how or what caused its failure), the lower the quality of the power supply the higher the chance. I highly doubt anybody can give you the exact odds if thats what you are looking for.
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