Ran Chkdsk, Stuck at Same Percent (maybe 12-14 hours)

hello and thank you for reading my post. I have posted here before and got really far into fixing my computer from peoples advice that worked really well on this forum :D. So I decide to post again because sadly i have another probably....

I have a Windows XP Professional Sp3, Insprion 530s hardrive, and a ATI radeon 2400 hd graphics card (this stuff is practically ancient lol.) This computer tbh is probably very old (4-6 years maybe older ?_?.)

Anyway heres my story: So taking advice on the forums I was able to make myself a boot disk and reinstall windows. I can install the quick format just fine and everything goes dandy. The problem is once I start downloading my programs its starts to freeze all over me. It has very long response time when I try to open a program or close a windows and when I watch videos it sometimes stutters on me. Also when I load windows it can take a very long time for me to get in. So what I tried next was to start over and try a full format. It wouldnt let me full format. Knowing I had bad sectors I went for the chkdsk. I reinstalled windows and went for the chkdsk. Everything seemed to go well. honestly it blazed through stages 1 to 4 with ease. The problem is it is now stuck on stage 5, 32% for the last 12-14 hours its been on.

Ive been reading alot of solutions online and i know if i end it i can get data lost and mess up my hard drive more. It could be hard drive failure but this computer hasnt shown me signs of it failing badly or it could be on the edge of failing.

Is there any other possible way for me to test this comp with a program or something and is there something that can fix my bad sectors without it having to freeze on me? I have no idea what my next move at this point is. Should I just let it run for one more day and call it quits if nothing changes?

If you have any help whatsoever or any solutions to this problem I would be eternally grafteful :D. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
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    download the diagnostic program from the hard drive manufacturer and test the drive
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