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Where can I purchase a guaranteed 200mm fan with blue LED's that will fit the HAF XB I am up to 3 so far that do not fit, and one was a Cooler master.
I am frustrated with this awesome case. Is there a proper model that Cooler Master makes that can guarantee that it will fit?
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  1. Posted in the wrong place
  2. smeezekitty said:
    Posted in the wrong place

    Yup, I'm trying to post into the Cooler Master forum of AMA. How do I get my questions into that post?
  3. manofchalk said:

    Agreed, so should I be clicking the red 'Ask the Community' at the bottom? I've used the top one already and it brings me to 'create a new thread' or

    Should I use 'post an Answer'?? Or the red 'Submit and Answer'?
  4. I just answered myself. Thnx

    But as soon as I asked my question, it was removed. Hmmm
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