HDD detected, but not showing up. Please help!

So, I have/had 3 HDDs. My boot drive was working fine today, I was in the middle of a back-up when my computer crashed. When it restarted it him, it got up to the 'Windows starting screen' then it crashed again. When it went to boot up for the second time, it couldn't find a boot drive. I check the BIOS and my boot drive has died. So I installed Windows 7 64x Ultimate onto one of my storage drives. It worked, I can boot up on that drive and it has not crashed. But here is my problem, my second storage drive that I have is not showing up. It is detected in the BIOS and storage management, but when I try to access it, it won't let me. Here is a image of what I mean: . If anyone could help that would be great! Also because I was in the middle of back-up, my system image says its 0 bytes, and I can't restore from it. Is it completely screwed and I can't use it? please help me...
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    For your missing drive, see if you can assign a drive letter to it.
    As for the backup, it has probably been corrupted. Can you restore from a previous backup?
  2. Thanks, I assigned a letter to it and now its there :D as for the backup I don't have another back-up. Thanks for the reply
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