Using Page Files + Ready Boost - How can I do it effectively?

I have an old PC with the following:

CPU: Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
Graphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 200 integrated graphics (256 MB)
RAM: 1.5 GB
HDD: 80 GB
Windows 7

So, I dedicated a 16 GB partition to page files. I had formatted it to ntfs file system. And I have an 8GB pen drive dedicated to ReadyBoost (exFat file system).

Now my question is, what file system should I format my partition to run it at the fastest speed.

Also, will creating multiple partitions (like 4 x 4GB) for paging help over a single 16 GB partition?

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  1. UPDATE:

    I have removed that 16GB partition and created 2 partitions of 8GB each.

    One is primary and the other is logical (windows can support only upto 3 primary partitions I suppose).

    I have created the cluster unit size of the primary partition to 4096 bytes and for the logical it is 8192 bytes (I suppose logical ones offer a bit less speed than primary. So, 8192 cluster size should reduce the search time).

    ABOUT THE PAGE FILE SIZE: I have kept the minimum size to 1913 MB (recommended by Windows) and maximum to 8 GB.

    Also I have rolled my video driver back to windows 7 default. Ironically, the 2010 driver of ATI had problems and the windows 7 version of that (2008 version of ATI) is running smoothly. I don't understand how!

    And, now it is working much more smoothly, along with aero theme. Only drawback is, when I use chrome, at 1152 x 864 res. it lags a bit when I drag the page up and down and also when I select text. For the rest, I like the new performance.

    I want to learn more about working with the cluster size. If I do decent gaming and web browsing and some amount of video / audio editing, what kind of cluster size should I have? And does the page file thing store the temp data under one file (pagefile.sys) or does it also create smaller files according to the cluster size?
  2. i'm not familiar with RAMbooster , and now time to add max your RAM size .. how much your mobo can support size RAM , the Flash disk RAMboster just for virtual not a physic just little help, uninstall unnecesery program, install cleanmem for control RAM used
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