I need Help remembering the name of a game i used to play online!!

In this game you created your own person, you could play different games for points and money and you could go shopping, have pets and buy name brand food. Sometimes the food would go bad if you left It in the fridge to long. IT WAS NOT SIMS! I think the game was sponsored by a cereal brand but I cant remember. I also think it ended in "ville" PLEASE HELP ME!!
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  1. You say it ends with '-ville', are you sure that it isn't a Facebook game?
  2. it wasn't a facebook game i remember it also but sadly i don't remember the name of the game i think it started with a M but i'm not sure sorry i know that's not much help
  3. Hmm I think I might know what you're talking about. Wasn't it sponsored by Honeycomb cereal?
  4. i just found it it's millsberry.com but it looks like they took the website down
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