Workgroup Computer Accessing domain network drive Without any authentication

We have two server (Server 1 & Server 2) and each server has a network drive and some shared files in it. when a workgroup computer in our network is trying to access shared network drive located in server through RUN windows by taking server ip , it is not asking any credential to access the files in Server 1 and when we are trying to access shared network drive in Server 2 , it is asking for credentials. my question is when i am trying to access shared network drive througth RUN window , y it is not asking for credentials
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    Because you did not set up the restrictions on server 1 to REQUIRE it?

    OS's might help here if you want some more info.

    But basically your server 2 has restrictions in place based off of probably account settings on the file controls, and server one has the files set to full access for everyone would be my guess. But this strongly depends on what OS's these "servers" are running.
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