How to get the most out of my Corsair H80i CPU Water Cooler

I recently bought an i5 4670K, Asus Z87-A Motherboard and Corsair H80i CPU Water Cooler. I've been trying to overclock my CPU to 4.6 Ghz and maintain stability but the only way I could manage to keep it stable was putting the CPU voltage to 1.25 which causes the CPU to overheat according to AIDA64 Stability Test. I have read some forums on the H80i and apparently using the H80i fans as intake is better but then that would mean I have 2 fans blowing in and only 1 fan blowing out of my case. What should I do to maintain a stable system running my 4670K at 4.6 GHz?
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  1. i have an h80

    only made 2c or 3c difference as intake over out take

    even with one exhaust fan (depending on your case) positive air pressure with more intake fans than out forces

    air out of gaps in the case as well
  2. 2 fans in a push/pull configuration with the source of inlet being from the outside of the case. Thats the most efficient way to set it up
  3. I now have my 4670K set to 4.2 GHz but AIDA64 Stability Test still shows that there is some CPU Throttling happening. Is this normal? If not, how can I prevent this from happening?
  4. what temps are you getting idle and load without overclocking?

    might be your h80i isnt properly installed
  5. Well currently at 4.2 GHz idle is 40C and I haven't been able to test regular load yet. AIDA64 Stability Test shows a lot higher temperatures than normal applications.
  6. I got my motherboard and cooler installed at a local computer shop so there shouldn't be a problem with the mounting...
  7. Should is the key word there.

    You can easily strip one or more of the lock ring mount screws, essentially lowering the tension significantly
  8. yeah AIDA64 Stability Test or prime95 or IBT will make it run hotter than normal use

    whats your ambient temperature?

    my 2600k is idling now at 29c on my h80 and i think the h80i has better fans than the h80 did

    no guarantee a computer shop installed it correctly--seen loads of posts where people had stuff done in a pc

    shop and had problems

    have fixed peoples pcs who went to the uks largest pc store and still didnt get it sorted

    one of their so called trained and qualified technicians told a friend they couldnt fit something in a spare drive

    bay--the idiot couldnt fit it because they hadnt removed the metal plate behind the blanking plate
  9. Ok. I'll check the inside of my PC to see if everything is mounted fine. Should I switch the H80i fan to intake while I'm at it?
  10. Also, mcnumpty23, is your H80 fan on intake?
  11. yes its intake

    all my fans are intake except the 200mm on top

    but as i said i can feel air coming out of other parts of my case(storm trooper) due to the positive air pressure

    yes switch to intake

    but if the h80i isnt properly mounted you probably wont be able to see

    possible mistakes when installing

    too much thermal paste

    tightening it down wrong--should tighten in an x pattern--ie screw 1 then 3 then 2 then 4

    not screw 1,2,3,4

    x pattern makes sure it goes down flat
  12. Re-application of thermal paste would be a good start since you will also be ensuring it gets tightened down right in the process
  13. Ok. All I'll have to do is switch the fan around, am I right? I'll also unmount the cooler and reapply thermal paste.
  14. What is the current fan orientation?
  15. It's currently blowing out the back.
  16. It should be intaking air from the back (air outside of the case). The radiator will cool more efficiently that way, but you need to make sure you have adequate exhausting because it will dispel warm air into your case
  17. I have 1 fan at the top pushing air out.
  18. do you have any thermal paste to remount it?

    the way i did mine was x pattern

    but didnt fully tighten each screw straight away

    ie--i did one turn on screw 1 then one turn on screw 3 then one turn on screw 2 then one turn on screw 4

    then just repeat till they are all tight

    to me that makes it go down nice and level
  19. That should work then.

    Yes, flip the fan around and re-apply thermal paste. Remember, a single pea sized drop in the center of the CPU. Avoid lifting the cooler once you make contact. The idea is to make it a shot shot deal. Doing so will introduce air bubbles to the TIM
  20. Ok thank you so much for the help. I have some downloads going on right now, so as soon as they are done I will turn my pc off and make the changes. Thanks again :)
  21. Yea, odds are you will see a decrease in temps. There is a chance you wont, but knocking that out of the equation will aid in the troubleshooting if needed.
  22. remember to turn both fans round :)
  23. So I took my H80i all apart and realized that they did not mount it properly on my CPU. Only one edge was touching the CPU...I cleaned all the stock thermal paste off the cooler and applied some Arctic Silver 5. I also turned both of the fans around so that they now intake air. I decided to use AI Suite III to auto overclock for now to see the results. AI Suite III managed to overclock my CPU to 4.7 GHz when it was only able to get it to 4.2GHz before. Also, it is now idling at 30C when it was 40C before with a much lower clock speed. I am going to test some games later today to see how things go. Thank you all for the help. I really appreciate it.
  24. I am idling around 35C and load at around 55C with the clock speed at 4.7GHz. It seems that my GTX 670 now hits a maximum of 80C on load when it was 70C before. Could this be because I now have 2 fans blowing in and 1 blowing out? Also, I'm still using the settings AI Suite automatically set for me, should I manually change the settings or just stick with what it is right now?
  25. Also, AIDA64 Stress Test still shows that my CPU is throttling and shows up to 5% overheating. Is this ok? If not, how can I solve it?
  26. yes the gpu may be hotter with the h80i as intake

    AI suite can use too much cpu voltage when used to overclock so keep an eye on the vcore with cpuz

    i wouldnt worry too much about the aida stress test your cpu wont be stressed that hard during normal use

    and it sounds like they tightened the screws wrong on the h80i

    tightening screw 1 fully then 2 etc is almost guaranteed to make it not sit flat
  27. Is there any harm in disabling Speedstep and c1e in the bios?
  28. i leave them enabled

    that way when cpu power isnt needed my cpu idles at 1600mhz instead of running at 5ghz all the time
  29. So I checked the voltage and it was at 1.36 which is too high. I lowered it to 1.2 and the most stable overclock I could get now is 4.4GHz.
  30. on my 2600k once you get to 4.4ghz-4.5ghz

    to pass that i have to tweak some other settings as well as just voltage

    like llc and cpu current capability and vrm frequency mode

    think for haswell 1.3v is about as high as you want to go

    and if its like ivybridge it will run hotter overclocked than my sandybridge
  31. I think I'm going to sit at 4.4GHz for now. I've noticed that my CPU frequency is always at 4.4GHz and voltage is at 1.2v constantly even when idle. I have Speedstep and c1e enabled. Why could this be occurring?
  32. If you run into any mounting issues with your H80i again, I would recommend going to Home Depot (or any hardware store for that matter) and asking for small nylon washers. I had the exact problem where my H80i wouldn't make full contact with one edge of my CPU. Seems the thickness of motherboards vary slightly (which I can understand) which causes it to not make full contact with your CPU.

    Also, check your power saving features. If you set it to "High Performance", it will leave your CPU at whatever overclock you have 24/7.
  33. Yea my power setting is set to High Performance. Should I set it to Balanced? But shouldn't a gaming rig be set to High Performance?
  34. Set it to balanced :) Your computer will automatically adjust clock frequencies depending on what it's doing! You don't need an i5 @ 4.4Ghz just to watch a few videos and check emails! :lol: It'll help cut down some power costs as well (not very significant but something to consider).
  35. My games have been crashing after 10-20 minutes of playing. It seems to be occurring with all my games...I can't figure out why this is happening. I reinstalled my video drivers and nothing has changed.
  36. Try checking your temperatures for your GPU and CPU while you're gaming.

    Also, did you run a stability test on your CPU to see if it was stable?
  37. I have run AIDA64 and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Stress Tests. How long should I run them for? Also, my GPU temps hit a max of 70C when gaming. My CPU temps don't go over 60C.
  38. I just loaded my CPU configurations to default settings. I'm going to see if the crashes still occur at default clock and voltages.
  39. Games still seem to be crashing around 15 mins into playing even though I set everything back to default. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is...
  40. Sphynx91 said:
    I now have my 4670K set to 4.2 GHz but AIDA64 Stability Test still shows that there is some CPU Throttling happening. Is this normal? If not, how can I prevent this from happening?

    Sphynx91 said:
    Well currently at 4.2 GHz idle is 40C and I haven't been able to test regular load yet. AIDA64 Stability Test shows a lot higher temperatures than normal applications.

    If u have a filter at the inlet say in front u should blow the warm air from the corsair cooler out and suck cold air into the case in front, otherwise u will clog up the cooler with dust. And have u put the fans in the same way suck and blow, tru the radiator?
    Cause I have H80i and 3770k CPU and are at 30C idle and on full load around 65C and im at 4.6GHz.
    Do you have a good flow true your case?

    Best regards Balubish.
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