How can you check if a graphics card is compatible with your motherboard?

I need a new graphics card, but I am confused whether it will be compatible or not, is there an easy way to check?

My motherboard - GA-G41MT-S2P

The graphics card i'm thinking of getting - GeForce GTX 460
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  1. The GTX 460 will do just fine on that motherboard
  2. Easiest way to check?

    Stick it in there.

    If it works, great! If not, then it's not compatible.

    In all seriousness though, there will be so few incompatibility cases that it's untrue, since PCIex16 is backwards compatible.
  3. Okay thanks guys! :)
  4. I have never heard incompatibility issues of graphic card with main boards.

    But poor OS driver software of the graphic cards is a very usual problem.
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