Are these things for thermal protection, or what? (Pic included)

Here's a pic (which is actually 3 pics) of the motherboard from an HP Pavilion zd8000 (zd8215us) laptop. The pics include text as well.

Between some of the components are 3 types of protective materials that I need help identifying. The first type is a black, paper-thin, sticker-like thing. The second type is a thin, rubber-like, gray strip with faint traces of adhesive. The third type is a rubber-like material that is as thick as the gray strips, but they resemble band-aids and have a very strong adhesive.

I'm trying to figure out whether these things are for thermal protection, non-conductive protection, or any other details about them so that I know what to look for should I decide to replace them.

Thank you.
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    First picture is a non-conductive shield for the ram, this shouldn't need to be replaced.

    Second picture appears to be a heat-spreader for some sort of voltage supply, likely conditioning for the CPU or GPU. This is most likely a non-conductive material. Not really sure if it is wise to replace. (I have seen a similar material used to take heat out of an industrial PC's CPU to the chassis for passive cooling)

    The third picture is most certainly the thermal pads for the two large chips (cpu and gpu I would assume). This could likely be replaced by so called thermal adhesive which I believe is somewhat permanent, but standard non-conductive thermal grease may suffice. They went to great care to place additional non-conductive film between the two chips, so you will want to make sure the heatsink proper does not come in direct contact with either.

    You should probably avoid metal-based heat sink compound in a laptop, anyway.
  2. Cool, thanks for the info. Actually the CPU is south of the chips that the center fan rests on. You can see part of the locking mechanism sticking out from under the heatsink in the 2nd pic. In the 3rd pic, the silver chip on the right says "ATI Mobility Radeon" so it's obviously the video chip/card. But the writing on the black chip is too small to make out so it's a bit of a mystery.
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