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I'm gonna be building my new gameing PC soon and I would like some suggestions on good brand for a PSU. I know I need a min of 650w so I'm gonna go for a 800w or above to be sure, and to allow for over clocking and stuff.
The only brand I've heard bad things about is cooler master, so I would like to find some other brands that are better please.
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  1. I have had the best luck with Antec and Corsair. Both are excellent.
  2. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX.

    Seasonic makes the best PSUs from Antec and Corsair, and all the PSUs from XFX.
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    Well Seasonic are regarded as the best PSU brand, but of course they come at a price.

    Great Brands:

    Good Brands:

    Here's a few threads you should have a look through, they'll help a lot:,2913.html

    Hope this helps
  4. Ok well seasonic corsair and antec seem to be everyones suggestion.
    Thanks for the really quick replies, i'll have a look at some of those brands PSUs.

    thank you
  5. Or XFX. They're just Seasonic with a different sticker on.
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