cant add new pc with same user name

ok im running a small network on windows server 2003.
when i try to replace a work station with a new one and
name the work station the same as the one im replacing
it wont connect to the server. if i change name and add
a new user with new name it connects. why cant i use
the original name
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  1. Because the name is a unique identifier in AD.
  2. noidea_77 said:
    Because the name is a unique identifier in AD.

    but im using the same name on the new machine and removing the old machine off the network. it also happens if i have to reformat a workstation. is there a way
  3. You have to find the previously named PC in active directory and delete it. Then you can use that same name, and attach it to your domain.

    Formatting a workstation doesn't remove the PC name from AD.
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