Ethernet cable issue URGENT help needed!!! <3

Starting today my PS3 keeps disconnecting only to reconnect to PSN after being kicked out of a game of BO2. It constantly says my ethernet cable is not connected when it clearly is, kicks me out of a game and then picks up the connection again only to taunt me into trying to play one more. I think i might be going a little crazy over this because I spent so much on a whole setup when I could've spend a couple extra 100 and had a top of the line PC. The cord works with anything else I use it for and in fact am using it now to connect to the internet on my laptop to send this msg. I've tried to ps forums and no one will even reply as to try to help me at all. I'm losing my mind and it's as if no one cares T.T
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  1. it probably mean the network connector on the ps3 is broken.
  2. rgd1101 said:
    it probably mean the network connector on the ps3 is broken.


    The PS3 has a wireless option as well doesn't it? If it's the physical port to the adapter you might be able to get by with the wireless working. If it's the entire adapter... different story.
  3. It was fine for 3 days and nothing has changed. It wasn't moved, bumped, unplugged, it hasn't been touched at all aside from swapping disks. I can't imagine it being broken. What are the return policies on these things? I got the uncharted 3 goty bundle :/
  4. if it new, return it or get it replace. Thing do break, just because it work x days mean nothing.
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