Need Sugestion for My MOBO and RAM

HI All,
I am getting blue screen error frequently, checked with few engineers, but nobody could tell me the exact problem. As whenever I get the blue screen, if I cleant the RAM and fit it again it starts up but Windows 7 gets courupted.

I have 2 option now.
Change the MOBO and upgrade to DDR3 RAM.
Or try with another DDR2 RAM.

currently I have Q8200 processor, Intel Mobo, 2X 2GB RAM.

If I change the Mobo, I will get GA-G41M (Gigabyte) Mobo.

I dont want to spend much, as I will continue it for another 1-2 year for genear uses like Internet/ MS-Office and Age-Of-Empire III.

Please Help.

Bidhu Bhusan
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  1. what the blue screen ??
  2. henydiah said:
    what the blue screen ??

    Every time I get different blue screen error. Last was Memory management error. Sometimes I get it while installing Windows 7.
  3. ran memtest first for sure your mobo is fine .. ran overnight and you must test it one by one also in different slot good luck
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