pc turns on but doesnt boot up, no power to monitor, keyboard, mouse

well, i decided to un tangle the wires and have a clean up of the dust so, i turned the pc off pulled the plug out and started. i do this several times a year with no problems but this time when i plugged it all back in and turned the comp on, it seemed fine but i had no signal on the screen and the keyboard and mouse didnt light up. so i turned it all off and replugged everything back in checking that id done it correctly. iv done it so many times, i know what im doing. but again, the tower lit up, the fans started going but i noticed that i didnt get the usual single beep that i normally get. i used my phone and i went to various forums and asked a few comp freaks that i know and the advice given was to open up the tower and remove the graphics card, memory sticks, hard drive etc and put them all back, so i did that and still nothing. so i did it one by one, finally, the pc powered up, i got the beep when i turned it on and everything worked. great. a couple of days later (the pc had been turned off during this time) the same problem. no beep and no power to the keyboard and mouse, no signal to the monitor. i got really frustrated having to do all that again but i persevered and nothing happened. in the end, the pc had been off for two weeks. the same thing happened over and over when i switched it on. well, by chance, 3 days ago, one of my kids switched the pc on and it worked fine, i had loads of updates to do so i did them and iv had it switched on ever since cos im scared that if i turn it off, it wont come back on. what i want to know is, how do i run a system check to locate whats causing the problem? im assuming its the memory, cpu, maybe the battery on the motherboard. i really dont know what it could be. it cant be the graphics card cos iv played games and they are all working fine. im getting the correct time and date which makes me think its not the mb battery. all programs are running fine from what i can tell. all hardware is up to date and says working fine. im using windows 7 64 bit. i cant leave the pc switched on forever. i just dont know what to do. i think i need to run a complete system, hardware, registry check. how do i do all of these things? heeeelp.
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  1. I would try to check the MB website and look for a utility that will check the current bios version. If it is an older one you can see what fixes the new bois version achieves. Another thing you can do is check your PSU. If you have another adequate one handy try putting it in that PC. Just a thought.
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