Vcore showing different voltage in bios than cpu-z

I have an I7-920 with Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R.
In the Bios i Have the vcore set to 1.18, but in cpu-z and hwmonitor it shows that my vcore is at 1.16.
No matter what I set my bios to any program shows that my Vcore is usually around .02 lower than what it is set in my bios.
This is with LLC on and off.
Should I just ignore what Cpu-z and programs like them for the Vcore and trust that my vcore is indeed running at what I set in the bios?
It stays at .02 lower than what i set in the bios even under full load, when running Prime95.

Testing again tonight, set Vcore Bios to 1.18, Cpu-z, and hwmonitor show it at 1.16.

Unrelated Yesterday I was trying to get my voltage lower, tried at 1.16 from the bios, ran with prime95 was doing good checked in at around 9 hours, still good. 1 Hour later, BSOD 101 need more voltage. So for anyone saying you dont need to run Prime95 for less then 10 hours should reconsider :).

I have been going through other peoples posts, with the similar problem and it seems that both the voltages are correct, and its not a big deal, but i think it is, because .02 could be the difference between could give me a fail or not.

I have all of the C3/C6/C7 State Support, and all of that stuff disabled during testing, LLC is currently on during the current test.
Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. I use 20 passes of Intel Burn Test -- a much quicker way to stress test.

    CPU-Z is reporting lower voltage because that's the voltage the CPU is actually getting. There will be a setting called v-drop or droop in your BIOS that may be able to lessen voltage droop.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    The Vdroop in my bios is the Load Line calibration i believe, which I have set to lvl 2, my mobo only gives me standard, lvl1, and lvl2. I don't mind the long test, as it did fail after 10 hours of testing, I leave it on when im sleeping or at work, i have used Intel burn test in the past. I will try the Intel burn test tomorrow, if it passes Prime95 for 10 hours. Although it seems to always be .02 lower than I have set in the Bios even with LLC on.
  3. Some motherboards handle droop better than others. I don't think .02 is bad, though.
  4. yea it is quite old, but i shall turn of LLC and see how it goes, Appreciate all of the help
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