Is my GTX 690 Quad SLI bottlenecked by my AMD x2 215? (Joke, real thread though)

I'm just wondering for my GTX 690 quad sli, what would be a good cpu so nothing gets bottlenecked? I'm running a i5 2500k, and I'm wondering if that's a bottleneck.
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  1. Doesn't exist, lol.

    I'd be running that 2500k at no less than 5Ghz. Keep in mind that Quad SLI isn't really going to scale no matter how powerful your processor.
  2. first of all, there is no point of a SINGLE gtx 690 when a 670 SLi performs the same. second, there is zero reason for a SLI 690 config when SLi scales like crap beyond the second card and anything beyond 3 might scale backwards
  3. cookybiscuit said:
    Doesn't exist, lol.

    I'd be running that 2500k at no less than 5Ghz. Keep in mind that Quad SLI isn't really going to scale no matter how powerful your processor.

    I see, I'm running the 2500k at 4.0 Ghz on stock cooling, and I just wondered if that is a bottleneck and I realize it isn;t going to scale.
  4. its not a bottleneck (well generally not the thing that holds down the GPU performance) but its the software that holds you back
  5. Yes, it will bottle neck that much gpu horsepower. The more cores and higher clocks the better. If you had a 6 core i7 at 4.6-4.8ghz, that would be about as good as you can get right now. There are always bottlenecks though. Three 4GB 670GTXs would be a much better value and have a ton of performance.
  6. I already have the GTX 690s :D time to go buy an extreme edition processor... *sigh*
  7. return them. its stupid. you get less performance for spending more

    extreme edition processors dont perform any better in gaming. been there proven that. not to mention the chip half the price performs the same
  8. Go with the 3930K for 400 bucks less. It clocks the same and only a sliver of less performance than the Extreme chip.
  9. the i5 doesnt even bottleneck. i wouldnt even suggest getting a platform that is basically identical except with more cores that dont help at all. its been tested with ivy bridge (which is about the same as sandy bridge any ways) at 3-4way SLI that they bascially perform the same as the x79 configuration with the same GPUs
  10. even if the i5 was to bottleneck, the i7 3930k doesnt help much either if core for core its just as strong
  11. Sure sounds like a bad idea. lol.
  12. I agree send back the 690's and get 670's.
  13. Howdy,

    I'm using a 3930K, Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard and 2gtx 690's for benchmarking.
    When i had my 3930K at stock speeds, my gpu score on vantage was like 54k.
    When i clocked my cpu to 4.7ghz with the H100i corsair watercooler, my gpu score went up to 65k!

    My guess is that two of those cards do need allot of cpu power to unleash their full potential.
    Reason why i got the cheapest 6-core is that it can simply be clocked to 4.7ghz easely and be just as good as an Extreme worth $999.
  14. i still have no idea why people are stupid enough to get 2 690s when a single one runs everything more than fine.

    benchmarks mean nothing when you cant see the results in a real life scenario
  15. ^There is no reason to bash people here. He has the cards already and wants the best he can get for them.

    A 3770k has been proven not to bottle neck quad sli. Even having less lanes for the cards doesn't matter. A 3930 would be safer and have more lanes for further upgrades, but then you pay a bit more for the platform. I myself would go with the 3770k (not even the 4770k as its not even an upgrade and clocks lower). Good luck.
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