Getting a Hyper TX3 Evo to blow air to back exhaust on AMD system.

Hey guys. A newb question,

Using the Hyper TX3 evo with the standard backplate since a few weeks on an AM3+ system. AFAIK, I can only mount the heatsink in such a way that the hot air from the heatsink is blown to the top of the case. However, I cannot use any case fans at the top of the case and the PSU fan has to pull most of the hot air from my case whereas the back exhaust seems to be exhausting hot air very less.

How can I mount it in a way that the hot air is blown to the back exhaust instead of the top of the case? Didn't get anyone with the same query so me thinks there is a solution and I'm too stupid to find it :D

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  1. Have you tried taking it off and rotating it?
  2. Unfortunately, its not that simple.
  3. In case if anyone still wonders ;p yes it is possible, just put the mounting bracket across, it's nicely shown in this vid:
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