the Gtx 660 ti ( and my system? )

Ok, ive been looking at video cards lately and ive found the one that i like is the Gtx 660 ti. But ive also been looking around and this card has SLI support and alot of people are complaining about the formula IV crossfire MB not supporting SLI ( or at least not without driver hacks which i dont want to do ).

but i also have heard that radeon doesn't have very good drivers and they crash often ( which i dont like the sound of that either )

honestly what is your guys opinion? im kinda on a small budget but i dont want a crappy card either though.

could i still run the Gtx 660 ti? if not then what radeon card/cards should i get to compare to the 660? ( i ain't against using crossfire )

the pc is being built mainly for gaming but i also do some 3d modeling and animation in it as well as some web browsing.

what i have stuck in it so far:

Asus Formula IV Crosshair

4gb G.skill gaming Ram ( cant remember the timing #'s )

AMD Phenom II x6 3.4 GHZ

Tx 750 power source

Figure the rest of the system dont really matter.. ;)
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    I typically read that the AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition and the nVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti trade blows based on which game or benchmark is being used for testing. In other words, they give nearly identical performance. In the U.S. the 660 Ti typically sells for $260+ while the 7870 GHz Edition can be found for as little as $210 right now. Additionally you can find the "7870 LE (or XT)", which is a stripped down 7950 and outperforms the 7870 GHz Edition for as little as $235.

    I'm not a huge fan of the AMD drivers as they seemed to slow down my system the last time I had a Radeon card, which was several years ago, but from a price-performance standpoint right now I would have to go with either the 7870 GHz Edition or the 7870 LE/XT over the 660 Ti. Once you have that information it becomes entirely a matter of personal preference based on what is more important to you and how much you want to spend.
  2. I think it would be better to get a Single card that does more performance any how, because with Radeon you have the potential for crashes and with Nvidia your isnt compatible. The 660 will struggle in SLi as it is 192 bit, and with SLi you may generate more heat and draw more power not to mention you are only getting about 180% performance boost. Consider getting a Radeon 7950 or a 670, they are roughly in the same price range. But you wont be able to use two Nvidia Cards on that board, that MB is specifically cross fire only.

    here are some cards to consider
  3. Thank you for the input if all is well i think ill be getting this card:
    Thanks a bunch!!! :)
  4. A_W_O_L__ said:
    Thank you for the input if all is well i think ill be getting this card:
    Thanks a bunch!!! :)

    Good choice. ASUS makes good quality parts.
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