USB Flash drive formated to NTFS transfer rate slows down alot in the end of the transfer


i have Intenso USB2 16gb flash drive, i formated it to NTFS file system with 8196 file alocation to improve the transfer rate, but here what happens, when i transfer any file at firs transfer rate is around 60-80mb/s but in very end it slows down to few mbs or even slower (depending on a file). I tried to turn off cache-write in policies menu under device manager for the device (some communities said it helps) but it didnt. I thought its only this flash drive, so i tried my rugged trancend jetflash v70 to format to NTFS, result - same. I have another trancend older flashdrive with 2gb, formated to ntfs and the result is same. I tried all of them on my ordinary desktop computer and laptop and on both when i transfer the file in the very end transfer rate drops down drasticly.

Futhermore, i have this notfication a while ago just didnt paid attention to it because never used ntfs for my flashdrives before, but a year ago i took my gf's flashdrive wich was formated to NTFS to transfer a file from my computer and it was same case - at first the transfer was fast and in the end very slow.

So my question is, what might be causing this? how to solve this problem? is it common to behave like this for USB pendrives formated to NTFS?
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  1. It could be a combination of windows verifying the file transfer and your antivirus scanning the new file on the flash...
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    You may get some drive problems. You could test it with the Windows Error-checking tool at first:
    By the way, in case of data loss, I also hope you could back up all your needed data on this drive as soon as possible.
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