First time overclocker- can cpu fsb be higher than ram ?

I've bought all the components for a 'new' build and after buying them all i looked in to overclocking (I probably should have researched first or I wouldn't have the problem i think I have)

First of all specs:
Asus p5b
Intel core 2 duo E8500
4x2gb DDR2 800mhz

As I said in the title this will be my first time overclcocking so correct me if i'm wrong anywhere as i've only read a few guides.
Because my RAM is 800MHz this means it's fsb is 400MHz, my question is, can my cpu fsb be clocked higher than 400MHz because if not i've already restricted myself to a max OC of 3.8GHz (400x9.5)

Thanks in advance
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  1. from review your mobo with update Bios can reach to FSB 455x8 multi, result OC higger than your but at 3.6ghz only .. i don't know your mobo deluxe or not ??? if you can get 450x9 maybe will very good and strong!
    look at
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