The best Cooler Master cabinet for ATI radeon 7950.

I'll be using Asrock Z77 extreme 4 or asus p8z77Mpro.
I'm from india, i want to buy a cabinet till 6000 115$ max! Please suggest the best cabinet for me. :D Thanks in Advance. :-)
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  1. If that's to much or you do not like it check out
  2. It's too costly it costs me around 200$.
  3. The Corsair Carbide Series 200R is one of those new budget oriented cases that comes in at a mere $69, but includes a ton of features to make it suitable for anyone looking to build a new PC, but is limited to a budget.I am not sure how much it cost in india but it's a great case.

    With support for up to 8 fans, dust filters for the PSU and intake, tool free design, and a clearance of up to 320mm for those extra long graphics cards, it’s a beast of a case that doesn’t carry a beast of a pricetag.
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    The CM 692 should fit just fine ($89). The HAF 912 ($59) or HAF 922 ($99) should also fit. Any of the Storm series of cases will fit ($79-$149). I'd stay away from the Elite series and the Storm Enforcer.
  5. +1 to staying away from the CM Elite series cases definitely garbage!
  6. What's wrong with the storm enforcer?
  7. The video card might not fit, or if it does it will be very tight.
  8. I've finalised HAF 912 in my budget!
  9. Good choice. You can upgrade that case with two 200mm fans. One in the front under the bezel, one up top.
  10. on the front i will use 200 mm fans and on the top should i use two 120mm or 1 200mm?
  11. Your choice. 200 on top is the best because it runs slower and quieter but moves more air. just get two. I just changed from a CM 690 to a TT V9. The 200mm top fan is awesome.
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