140mm or 2X 120mm on the front of my NZXT Phantom 410

Hello I am new to Tom's and I was hoping someone can help me with my dilemma that I am stuck in.

I have been doing some research into which is better 140mm or 2X 120mm on the front of my NZXT Phantom 410. There seems to be pros and cons to each and I am just confusing my self.

Due to my budget I am trying to pick between:

1X AeroCool SHARK140 Blueline Edition
2X AeroCool SHARK120 Blueline Edition

If anyone has a picture/link to what the case looks like with just the 1X 140mm installed it would help make my decision easier as I have been unable to locate one myself.
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  1. The two 120s will be louder, but it'll move more air than the one 140. If you have sufficient intake elsewhere in the case, one 140 is fine. If not, the two 120s will help out.
  2. will 1X 140mm in the front and 1X140mm on the side panel be enough?
  3. Scenario 1: Buy two 120mm fans. Put one in the front and the other in the side panel.
    Scenario 2: Buy one 140mm fan. Remove the front 120mm fan. Put the 140mm fan in front and the 120mm on side.

    Both will work well. Your choice.
  4. But the bigest problem I have with the 2X 120mm option is that based on pictures found online I am not particularly fond of how the bottom most 120mm fan looked through the mesh on the front of the 410, to me it looks like its just "stuck" on the front of the tower. I was wondering how the 140mm fits/looks compared to that.

    I hate the white hubed fans that come with the case by default so I plan on chaning out all the fans here is what I have in mind so far:

    2X Cougar Vortex 140MM (top)
    1X AeroCool SHARK140 Blueline Edition or Cougar Turbine 140mm (side)
    1X Corsair Air Series AF120 Performance Edition (rear)
  5. Those don't match either.

    1x Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition Twin Pack
    1x Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition Twin Pack

    It works just as effective, all the fans match, and it's cheaper. And for a little extra, you can get another Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition Twin Pack and fill up your entire case.

    Personally, I'll say that 2x 120mm in front looks better than 1x 140mm.
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