PC/Xbox 360/PS3 to 7.1 Receiver Output Surround Sound/DPIIx Through Headphones?

I don't know how to set up the best simulated surround sound coming from consoles/TV to a 7.1 receiver, then processed out to my studio headphones through the gold adapter headphone connection... :/ Ideally, I would want to use my receiver to do this, and have 6.1 sent to my speakers when I unplug the headphones, but I don't know if I have to have special settings on the consoles for the receiver to go into anything other than stereo/stereo alc mode when I plug in my headphones... :( What is the usual setup for headphones using a receiver that is 7.1/6.1 used for gaming/video? :?
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  1. The component video/audio connector that comes with the 360 blocks the HDMI port so that you can't plug both in at the same time. I used a reciprocating saw (like a boss) and chopped off the plastic that blocked the HDMI port. I then plugged the HDMI into the TV, and the component audio into the stereo. If I am not using my Turtle Beach headset (built in surround sound btw, that may be your best bet for 60$ at gamestop), I can use the surround sound on the stereo.
  2. I have the consoles hooked up to the receiver through the hdmi ports, including one from the TV, but I thought the component attachment -- caused problems when used at the same time... :? Anyway, is there a way for the receiver to output DPLII instead of stereo/stereo alc, or do I have to sacrifice the hdmi 5.1 into the receiver, for the component sound to output in DPLII? Also, I just remembered the 360 had a problem with switching the TV inputs if you used that method... :?
  3. My ONKYO stereo does not have an HDMI port into it as it is aging. Although still a very potent system. What stereo system do you have?

    And by the 360 having issues with switching TV inputs do you mean if you switch inputs the 360 restarts? Because yes, it does that lol.
  4. That switch input thing was responsible for many dents in the walls and ceiling! :P I have a Pioneer...something... :/ I guess I should download the guide to see if there's a special headphone mode... :) I just hate returning things! :P Thanks for the quick responses! :) Hmm...where is that manual -- I am trying to get the receiver to output surround sound, because I'm making a headset with a separate mic! :)
  5. Lol, you will make your friends rage because they will hear all sorts of echos on your mic :p

    Might I ask why you want to do the separate mic/headset?

    My best suggestion is getting a set of Turtle Beach X12's :p
  6. I needed headphones for noise isolation, and some audio work, and wanted to get better quality headphones that could be used for game/google chat...and they were 25% off of the usual $100! :) Though, I'd rather listen, or be able to listen, to these headphones through the receiver first, since they need an amp, and I need only one surround sound headphone for everything! :P
  7. The headset I use for 360 is also compatible with PC. IDK about PS3 though.

    Turtle beach, imo, are the best gaming headsets. When my wife is watching a movie and I want to watch a movie too, I use the xbox and put these on, epic sound!

    Also can't beat it with BF3 on war tapes :p

    That being said, if you already have awesome headphones, then we need to work with what you have!

    Go ahead and give my initial suggestion a try and see where that leaves us. Has worked for me for a long time.
  8. Thanks! :) Will do! :) I'm just skittish about the Xbox 360 ruining my saves, via me! :(
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