Antec HCG-620 vs 550W XFX Core Edition

Antec High Current Gamer 620W (HCG-620)


550W XFX Core Edition

Which is better PSU and why is better?

Thanks in advance
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  1. I vote Antec. Both are made by Seasonic but the Antec one has a higher wattage output. There is also the High Current Gamer Modular, just look around for it.
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    The Antec psu has slightly better numbers and features such as ;

    Antec- Certified Bronze , up to 88% efficiency
    XFX- Certified Bronze , up to 85% efficiency

    Antec- 48A on the +12v rail
    XFX- 44A on the +12v rail

    Antec- 620w
    XFX- 550w

    Antec - a 135mm double ball bearing fan
    XFX - a 120mm fan

    Antec - All Japanese brand capacitors for reliability, Gold-plated High Current terminals for optimal conductivity
    XFX - Solid State Capacitors

    Antec - 2x - 6+2 pin connectors
    XFX - 1- 6 pin and 1- 6+2 pin connectors

    Both are SLI and Cross Fire ready but given the better numbers and features of the Antec psu I would say that the choice would be Antec , however you would be ok selecting either one as they are both quality power supplies.
  3. The nice thing the XFX PSU's have going for them is in many test's that I've seen the voltage stays rock solid and moves less than comparable PSU's would. From owning one myself I can also tell you that they are very quite, and stay very cool (although mine doesn't have much of a load on it). I would still say the antec, more power, and the efficiency bump doesn't hurt. Depends what the price difference is though.
  4. Thanks for the reply's
    Excellent inzone
    That's what I call an answer! Awesome points!
    Antec Wins !!!
    No wonder your the moderator :)
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