Can i use 2 different gpu's to power one display? (non xfire)

Hey guys, i got my 7870 today, it doesn't support vga, so right now i'm using my tv. I was wondering if i can use my old gpu which does support vga and use my 7870 to power everything. If that makes sense. I'll be buying a mini DP to vga soon but i wanted a temp fix.
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  1. A dvi-vga adapter would surely be cheaper than minidp to vga. I don't understand your question. You want to plug the monitor into your old gpu, but use the 7870? That won't work. The monitor has to be plugged into the 7870 to use it.
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    No. Buy an adapter.
  3. If this is a double post or triple post, well blame Tom posting system.

    There is lucidlogix sofware solution, but Î doubt it will work for what you intended, wich is using the 7870 to do the processing and the other older gpu to to the output.
  4. Also Barto solution is what I am using.
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