Upgrading from 580 GTX to Titan/690 - wise?

Hi there guys!

My current build:

Asus Sabertooth Z77
i7 3770k OC 4.5Ghz
Kingston DDR3 HyperX Predator 1866Mhz 16Gb
Corsair VX 850W
Intel 520 240Gb SSD

For graphics I am now using a Zotac 580 GTX which actually is quite a beast. I however want some more brute, raw power in my rig which has led me to the Titan/690 GTX.

Would this be a wise, necessary upgrade that actually would boost the performance of my rig? Any bottlenecks? Single monitor only, resolutions used are 1920*1200 and 1920*1080.

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  1. dont consider a titan. a 680ftw or wait for the 7990 to come out.
  2. Titan is actually not wize at all imo.slap another gtx 580 in your motherboard and run them in sli they would be close to a titan if not faster
  3. 690 all the way but if you are willing to go SLI on both of em then Dual Titan SLI is a MUST!!!

    Check it out your self (you'll see Titan in 2x SLI performs 20% or more than the dual gtx 690)

    A single 690 can even out perform 690 sli because when you put 690 into sli it means the game reads it as a Quad SLI which 80% of games don't support so it means the Frame rates go down pretty badly(the more GPU there is and if that game don't support multi GPu then the Frame rates will keep going lower)

    Go look at the website and youll see the Titan SLI is so much better than 690 SLI

    but for single for the 690
  4. Titan for a single screen @1080p? No, I don't think that's a particularly wise investment. You could buy a pair of 670's or something similiar and get much better value for money. Titan is mostly a marketing fad and as such is hopelessly overpriced.
  5. How anyone can reccommend 1 titan let alone 2 is beyond me.
  6. I still say adding another gtx 580 is his best bet.those things are still animals at 1080p.heck i was running gtx 480's up to a few weeks ago and they were still more then enough for 1 monitor
  7. To sli GTX 580 is not an option, mostly because of my power supply which barely has enough power for the task, but also availability of the card. It's totally unavailable here in Norway, have to import it then.

    Sli Titan is not an option either since they are quite (insanely!) expensive.

    Looks like at may be smart to wait a year? My card is still going strong, no doubt about that.
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    i know...the OP is pretty much maxed out as far as fps is concerned. even if he does go to a 690 hes not gonna see huge fps jumps. hes well above 30fps on every game with that rig now as it is.
    the budget side of me says this is a frivolous upgrade.
  9. Either wait or take up multi-monitor gaming. :)
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