Computer freezes while gaming (black screen and buzzing sound)

| i5 2500k | Gigabyte 7850 2GB | 8GB G.SKILL DDR3 | GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 | Samsung F3R 1 TB HDD | Antec 902 | Windows 8 64-bit


Okay, so trying to fix a problem that has been plaguing me since before the New Year. Basically my $1000 computer has been reduced to a word processor and an internet browser. The problem started several months ago and has persisted through a new video card, a Windows 8 upgrade, and an SSD install.

Basically whenever I start gaming, any type of PC game, from Kings Quest all the way up to Far Cry 3, my computer freezes. It freezes with a black screen, usually coupled with a buzzing noise from my speakers, and the only way to fix it is a forced restart. This happens anywhere from immediately upon started up a game, to best case scenario 15 minutes into it. I have tried updating drivers to my video card every which way, driver sweepers, installing them in safe mode, etc. I have tried to update motherboard drivers but have failed to do that from a combination of my own idiocy and the fact that the files from the Gigabyte website don't seem to run properly on my computer when I've attempted downloading them.

I've also attempted to eliminate the possibility of it being either my video card or CPU by running dozens of stress tests on them, with Furmark and I can't remember the name for the CPU one. Anyway, I'm completely out of options in my limited computer knowledge, just beyond frustrated. The only thing I can think of is that it is either my motherboard or my power supply. I'm hesitant to buy either since this problem persisted BEFORE I bought this video card, it also occurred on my old Radeon 5750, which is why I upgraded to the 7850, which I have yet be able to use.

Anyone have any ideas? Or possibly an idiot's guide tutorial to completely upgrading my motherboard, since that is the one thing I have failed to do. . . Thanks in advance. . .
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  1. What about your RAM? Did you check it with memtest86?
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