What Watt psu should i use

Cpu:intel core i5 3570k
Mobo:asus p8z77-v
Ram:corsair vengeance 8gb
Gpu:msi geforce 660 ti
monitor:asus mx239h
HDD:seagate 1tb
SSD:samsung 840 series 120gb
whats psu should i go for? (in watts) and can you tell me a reliable company that makes good psu
If you need any additional info just ask thanks!
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    You need no more than 500w, that will give you plenty cushion. Here are my recommended options:

    SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze - - $65
    SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze - - $70
    Antec EA-500 Green 500W - - $70

    Seasonic offers modular versions of those two listed PSUs that typically run $10-$20 more per unit. They are named the M12II 520 and 620 respectively.

    EDIT: In fact here is the modular version of the 620w, on sale for $75 until April 1st. I might even buy one, its such a good deal.

    says 450 watts add 150 watts if ya considering a SLI upgrade to a second card

    This case / PSU combo is a steal at $165 ($205 - $40 MIR)
    Corsair 500R w/ TX650 V2 is enuff for SLI

    Suggest this Vengeance low voltage RAM also
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