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I accidently deleted NVIDIA and i need it back how do i do that i really want to play on sims 3 but it says no graphics card found
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  1. go into safe mode with networking (hit f8 before windows splash screen). got to computer and right click....choose properties. now choose device manager. see if the card shows up there....if it does uninstall it and click delete drivers. then go to nvidia's home page and downloand then install the latest drivers, reboot and see if its fixed. let me know if this works
  2. atomicWAR i have downloaded a new nvidia driver but it says its not compatible with graphics hardware
  3. try inserting your video card to ensure its snug in the slot and the same with the PCIe power plugs. worst case scenario you have to reinstall windows ;) also is device manager seeing the card?
  4. where is the video card loacted on my laptop and urm i am downloading NVIDIA GeForce 314.22
  5. ddrrr sorry laptop you can't do any of that....didn't know as it wasn't stated....try to do a system restore to prior to you uninstall...if that doesn't work you should probably just reload windows then and get everything back to factory defaults.
  6. so i cant play sims 3 anymore
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    you can you just need to do the restore (if it works) or reinstall windows....until one of those happens no you can't.
  8. but if i get windows 7 and download a different driver would dat work
  9. yes it should fix things if you reload windows and drivers...
  10. urm hey i have got NVIDIA back but now it will only let me on safe mode everytime i try and get into start windows normally in comes up with this old blue screen coming up with errors but i dont want to keep entering safe mode because it has no sound and its old
  11. dang....BSOD (blue screen of death)....something is amiss. you reloaded windows only to find BSOD plague you is this correct?
  12. yep that is correct o mundo lol sorry yeah its correct
  13. thanks for the solution love. i hope this means its all fixed!
  14. well nvidia is fixed thankyou for that but the blue screen isnt i put the solution for the nvidia problem but i put a new ask the community all about the blue screen and it has a better description if you want to have a look at that
  15. oh and i am male :)
  16. lolo
  17. thanks i have got rid of erm the blue screen and got graphics card back thanks how do i reccomend you :)
  18. wow thanks you really helped the blue screen has no gone thankyou now how do i reccommend you? :)
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