Club 3D 2GB AMD HD7870. Is it any good?

Hey guys,

I've been looking at buying this card, and Ive heard a few things about it (loud and get quite hot) . Wondering now if its the right choice for me.

Anyone that has it and could give me an honest review of it would be great. Also is 550w enough power?

Im getting most of the parts in that list... SSD to be added in the near future. and ASRock Extreme 6 as my Mobo and HAF 912 Plus case.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 550w should be fine for 7870 XT. if you really care about heat and noise then look for the one with reputable cooler.
  2. IIRC, that uses a crappy reference cooler. I wouldn't recommend it. If I was going to recommend something that doesn't have a great cooler, it'd be a Power Color Radeon 7870 LE/XT card such as their Myst Edition. Better would be the Sapphire version or if you want to avoid the extra power consumption of the 7870 LE/XT cards, then a Radeon 7870 GHz Edition WindForce X3 from Gigabyte is my recommendation around that price and performance area.

    A decent 550W such as an XFX ProSeries 550W will be plenty. A crappy one such as a RAIDMAX will probably not be enough. Tell us the particular model (if any) that you're looking at and we can tell you how good it it is or they are.
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