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I have a switch connected directly to my modem serving an external IP to each of the two connected devices. How do i transfer data between the two devices without going through the internet.


My servers are connected to a network switch without using a router. This switch connects directly to the modem, serving an external IP to each server. I want to transfer data between the servers but I think it would try and go through the internet, to the other IP, than actually going through the switch to the other server. My internet upload and download speeds are rather slow so this is why I don't think it will work.

Please correct me however if I'm wrong.
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    I find it very unlikely, that your servers have external ip addresses. If that's the case, you have to go through the internet to transfer data. An other way would be to assign additional private ip addresses to the servers and use them to transfer the data locally.
  2. Great, thanks. Its just for future reference when setting my servers.
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