toshiba satellite L675 / 4 GB ram, 2.90 GHz ATI Radeon HD 4200 (video card)

watching full-screen HD movies, after about 10 minutes computer shuts down and back vent is Hot to Touch.

Help, what do I need to install ? or am I just screwed. thanks, EB
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  1. The cooling system is probably just clogged with dust. You could try getting some compressed air and cleaning it out.
  2. You can't really install anything. You could add a cooling pad, but it should not shut down AT ALL watching videos. You can blow put the vents with compressed air but the BEST solution is to disassemble it, clean it all out, change the thermal paste, and make sure the fans work. Laptops are "fiddley" though... So you have to be very careful. A computer shop could also do it
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