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Question about motherboard

Goodmorning Tom's community ,

i want to thank you for all the help and guidness you have provide me in all my questions so far, they were really helpfull and very pleasant to me.

Here i come again for a last question in the new build that im planing.

I need help with what motherboard to choose (bare in mind that i plan to overclock my cpu to the max with this cooler CNPS12X, i heard it can go to 5ghz easy with this cooler including 6 fans in the case with will provide nice air flow in the system.)

i have view those motherboards since they are in my budgets area, i would apriciate if u tell me honestly again about witch will fit the situation proper.







those are the ones that are affordable for me they are good value and performance. Sabertooth is nice but the only thing that holds me a bit back is that it only supports ddr3 1866mhz only and the others 2100mhz, what u guys think 1866mhz is good speed for todays needs and gaming in general?

Thanks in advance.
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    Memory Speeds over 1600 make little difference to games, so the sabertooth will do you fine if thats the one you want
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