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Benchmark Results: Productivity

AMD Fusion: Brazos Gets Previewed: Part 2, Performance

Benchmarks: Productivity

We’ve adapted our Photoshop benchmark to the CS5 release, though the results of our threaded filter workload don’t change much. The test takes advantage of as many cores, as possible, which is why it isn't too surprising to see the K125 fall behind the pack.

WinRAR seems to be the one application in the suite that doesn't seem to respond as favorably to the dual-core Bobcat architecture. Intel holds a distinct advantage in this test.

Symantec's Norton lineup is all but ubiquitous, so we decided to have a go at the Internet Security suite. The results mirror those seen in the WinRAR benchmark, except that the K125 and D525 are jockeying for position. Despite the fact that this suite is threaded, the K125's architecture is favored more than Atom's dual cores.

We threw in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 2011 because it is a popular mainstream application. The Transcribe From Audio Recording function is partially multi-threaded but it is also sensitive to clock rate, which is why we see the K125 ahead of the ULV processors.

Overall, the E-350 is pretty competitive with the Core 2 Duo SU7300, which is where AMD is pegging the competition.

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    Anonymous , 16 November 2010 18:17
    Stigma of power hungry and hot??? My oven stopped working - anyone got their Prescott handy??? :) 
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    aje21 , 16 November 2010 20:12
    The 3DMark Vantage graph on page 3 has the same figures for Atom as i3 which is clearly wrong.
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    tinnerdxp , 17 November 2010 17:20
    Tough luck Aje21 - THG doesn't read the comments...
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    wild9 , 17 November 2010 19:41
    Some good power characteristics, and you can see that AMD is putting a lot of effort into marketing products that are smaller, faster and more energy-efficient. Good stuff considering market shares and turbulent economies.
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    Phoenixlight , 20 November 2010 06:19
    Looks like a good buy for World of Wacraft players wanting a reasonably priced mobile gaming platform.