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Albatron releases KX600 Pro KT600 Motherboard

By - Source: Tom's Hardware | B 0 comment

Albatron recently launched its KX600 Pro motherboard, based on the KT600 chipset. The board includes all of the features we've come to expect from modern motherboards, including 6-channel audio, plenty of USB 2.0 ports, 3Com 10/100 LAN, etc. "This new board also supports AMD's latest 0.13-micron processors capable of FSB400. This FSB allows the CPU to keep up with its high speed DDR400 counterpart. The KX600 Pro also provides enhanced multimedia performance with a 6 Channel Audio system and an AGP 8X interface. Finally, onboard LAN rounds out a very complete set of communications facilities."

More information regarding Albatron's products can be found here .

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