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Benchmark Results: Access Time And I/O Performance

Analysis: The Impact Of Shifting From 512 Byte To 4 KB Sectors

The following pages show the test results for the two different drives and the 750 GB MK7559GSXP running under Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 with aligned sectors, or in other words, an ideal environment.

Overall, access time and I/O performance does not differ much. The results show that there isn’t a disadvantage for the newer 750 GB, 4 KB sector size hard drive.

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    crispykiller96 , 28 October 2010 03:18
    Theres always something new and better got to love this world
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    Anonymous , 2 November 2010 14:31
    No mention of the impact on Linux systems? Why not?

    As I understand it some tools such as fdisk and graphical tools based on libparted need to be up-to-date, and may require the understanding of switches about alignment.