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Microsoft Removes Start Button from Windows 8

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After 17 years, the Start button is out.

Microsoft has made quite a few changes to the Windows user interface with Windows 8. Today, we learn about one more change the company has made to the upcoming operating system: the company is ditching the 'Start' button it first introduced with Windows 95.

Users of previous builds of Windows 8 will know that the Start button is flatter than we've seen in older iterations of Windows. The new appearance, though different to what users are accustomed to, better matched the over-all appearance of Windows 8. However, not content to just alter the Start button so that it better fits in with the Windows 8 UI, it seems Microsoft has elected to do away with the Start button completely.

Those that have used the Windows 8 "Consumer Preview" version (build 8220), which was leaked this weekend, say that the Start button has been removed. The Windows Superbar, first introduced in Windows 7, now extends the whole way across the bottom of the screen. However, all is not lost. The Verge cites sources close to Microsoft that say the Start button's functionality isn't completely dead:

"We have confirmed with sources close to Microsoft's Windows 8 development that a hot corner has replaced the Start button orb. A thumbnail-like user interface will appear in Metro or desktop mode, providing a consistent way to access the Windows desktop and Start Screen in Windows 8 regardless of touch or mouse input," writes Tom Warren. "The new interface is activated on hover from the lower-left corner of Windows 8 and includes a thumbnail preview of where you will navigate to after clicking on the new visual element."

So, it's gone, but it still exists in some form. No telling if this will be a permanent change before the final release of Windows 8, but we'll keep you posted.

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    shanky887614 , 7 February 2012 03:09
    actually the havent gotten rid of it

    disable metro using the. app and its back
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    jrtolson , 7 February 2012 07:22
    hmmm, why don't they just remove "windows explorer" and call it Microsoft Metro and be done with it... it could be installed on all new pc's as no one will buy an actual copy... and because of that they win because ppl have unwittingly paid to have metro on their new pc's, hate it and buy windows 7 to replace it anyway?, then microsoft win again lol
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    dizzy_davidh , 7 February 2012 08:39
    yep, disable metro and all comes back (like it is in Windows 7 and earlier). Yet another hassle\reason why corps and businesses will leave this turd... er I mean new OS for consumers to play with as it has little to offer but IT headaches.
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    EDVINASM , 7 February 2012 15:01
    Touchscreen me arse, give us back the start menu! I am not going to touchy feely my 40" TV just because MS says it's fancier that way.
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    mactronix , 7 February 2012 17:20
    M$ seem intent on loosing market share to free source OS versions.
    After the farce that was Vista where they did not listen to,heck did they even ask for feedback ? and the OS was derided by most and bought by very few who did not opt for a XP roll back (those sales were still counted as Vista sales by the way). Well I just thought that after the way they released an RC version of W7 and did listen to feedback that the lesson had been learnt.
    Guess not as we are now back to this is what we are making and its great and you obviously will want it.
    Epic fail M$
    I have yet to see any evidence that people want or need this new OS. Maybe if there were some actual reasons under the hood that would make it worth getting they would like to mention and explain some of those. Instead of harping on about the rubbish new interface that seems to be turning more and more rubbish by the day and turning more and more people off of the Idea or even considering the OS
    I was a supporter of W7 RC and couldn't wait to tell people how good W7 was.
    Not sure If I will even bother with a W8 RC.
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    signor , 7 February 2012 20:30
    Maybe I like my start button and actually hate the toolbar, thanks a lot Microsoft......
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    EDVINASM , 7 February 2012 21:45
    It seems that MS wants to copy iOS and make it easy and fun to access your apps. I don't personally care how Win8 turns out since it's going to be a transitional version and I am not going to upgrade.
    Market is very unclear at the moment. Trends are changing very fast. While I might need a touchscreen PC with pen to write on, someone else might need mouse and kb and others finger tips only.
    I'd say let it roll for few years and will see where we heading.
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    mactronix , 8 February 2012 02:26
    The "Market" is controlled by the likes of M$. Nobody sent M$ an Email or posted a letter saying please please please make the next edition of Windows touch screen orientated and base it on the wonderful Unity style desktop that everyone is loving right now.
    That is a stone cold cert.

    They obviously have over cooked the fact that they are guilty of failing to innovate over the last few years, and have now gone overboard doing so.

    Small changes people will adapt to. Compared to W8 Vista didn't change much at all yet the changes that Vista made put countless people off.
    If renaming things caused such resentment them imagine what removing standard buttons and using completely unrelated "funky" words for basic functions will do.
    "Charms" Seriously I ask you what complete pillock cooked that one up.