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UK Customers to Get Windows 7 Half U.S. Price

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Windows 7 going on the cheap in the United Kingdom.

Those living in the UK are used to looking at the prices of goods around the rest of the world before letting out a sigh and accepting that things just cost more in Great Britain. But it seems that those very same consumers will be getting a break with Windows 7 – which at present time will be selling for nearly half of what U.S. consumers pay.

CNet spotted the online prices for Windows 7 preorders, which run £65 for the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Converted to US$107, which compares favourably to the US$200. In fact, the £65 is even below the U.S. cost of the upgrade, which will run for US$120. Check it out on

Now that there doesn't look to be a separate SKU for a browserless version of Windows 7, a product key could be a product key wherever it's activated. Could there be an opportunity for arbitrage?

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    mactronix , 20 August 2009 00:11
    It seems that this time MS are listening, so far every point that has been moaned about has been dealt with favourably. No Back up- fixed. Pricing taking the piss- Fixed i could go on but more importantly.
    I WANT A NEW COMPUTER WITH MY W7 MS :)  No seriously though how about a money off token for an i5/i7 motherboard ?? :) 
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    paperfox , 20 August 2009 01:16
    Is $200 for Windows Premium the cost for a retail version in the US? cus if it is what about the OEM versions that are sold that are half of what the retail versions cost. For an example I found Vista Ultimate retail for $320 at frys and its $180 OEM at newegg.
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    Anonymous , 20 August 2009 04:09
    sorry to be the bearer of even worse news but we in the uk have got pre-ordered copies of Win7 home premium for less than £50 the quivalent of $82 dollars.
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    Anonymous , 20 August 2009 05:27
    It's £65 now as the current pre order price, previously was £45. On release it will be £149.99 or $248!!!!! Oh yeah bring on the bargain! Fortunately I did get a £45 copy.
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    TuffLittleUnit , 20 August 2009 05:41
    I got 3 at £45 each. My 6 year old is testing Win 7 on his rig and gave it a big thumbs up for the rest of the family.
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    CabbageGT , 20 August 2009 06:14
    I cannot wait to bin vista. Its only just stable after 2 years and about 20+ re-installs. my God thats alot of time wasted. I pre-orded my copy at for £70-odd. its abit more than some of you paid though. would be nice to know were the cheapest price is.
    The i7 is in the works to. Just waiting for payday. so I can buy the CPU and RAM and were all done.
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    Clintonio , 20 August 2009 13:29
    Freaking finally. Something worth buying is actually cheaper here.

    I will purchase this as soon as possible.
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    blazer666_uk , 20 August 2009 16:20
    I pre-ordered from PC World and I Also Got A Copy of windows 7 from for £45 uk pounds I also know that Currys were also selling windows 7 for 45 pounds as well. Also got Windows 7 professional for 80 quid too.
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    devilxc , 21 August 2009 19:00
    Isn't the price difference due to the cheap pre-order period which started and ended in the US before it did in the UK?