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Skyrim WILL Support DirectX 11, But Limited

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Skyrim will feature DirectX 11 support, but it won't be staggering.

For those who were disappointed that Crytek's Crysis 2 for the PC didn't come packed with DirectX 11 support, there's good news... if you're into RPGs, of course. According to Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will arrive with DirectX 11 support.

But there's a catch, and it doesn't sound promising in regards to taking full advantage of current PC-based hardware. "I guess the real question here is do we take advantage of DirectX 11's big new features and the answer is 'not specifically,'" he told IGN in an interview. "Our graphics work centers around doing things that will look the same regardless of platform, and sometimes that implementation will be different on the 360, PS3, and PC."

IGN's interview covers various topics regarding the upcoming RPG, and doesn't focus on specific platforms until the end. But one of the more interesting subjects covered in the Q&A focuses on possible multiplayer and/or co-operative play features, or in this case, the apparent lack thereof. That said, The Elder Scrolls will remain a single-player franchise with the release of the fifth installment despite the seemingly interesting possibilities.

"The two most requested features we get are dragons and multiplayer," Howard said. "We got one of them this time! We always look into multiplayer, put lots of ideas on the whiteboard, and it always loses. It's not that we don't like it. I can think of ways it would be a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, that dev time is going to take away from doing the best single player game we can, and that's where our hearts are."

The interview also reveals that players can actually ride dragons, but "not in the way you're asking." There's also mention of unicorns, but Howard (jokingly) said that could arrive as a DLC for a measly hundred dollars-- DLC offering levitation would cost a hefty three hundred dollars. Ouch. Joking aside, there is also talk of the game's point-of-view, revealing that Skyrim will offer both third and first-person perspectives although the latter viewpoint will be the primary focus.

"3rd person, with the new animation system, is better than ever, and people really seem to enjoy playing in it, seeing their character," he admitted. "But it's primarily designed as a first person game. I see the 3rd person as an extra, and certain things like picking up objects, talking to people, whatever, are always harder in 3rd person. Some people on the team think the combat is better in 3rd person because they can see their surroundings better. Personally, I usually play 1st person unless I'm just running through the wilderness and want a different view."

To read the full two-page interview with Todd Howard, head here.

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    iolas , 1 April 2011 08:36
    As usual...consoles gimping games.
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    Griffolion , 1 April 2011 17:25
    "Our graphics work centers around doing things that will look the same regardless of platform, and sometimes that implementation will be different on the 360, PS3, and PC."

    Translation: "We're crippling the PC experience because consoles can't handle the graphics."

    Now there's a surprise.
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    Dark Comet , 1 April 2011 19:57
    At least they are telling us instead of lying.
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    marney_5 , 2 April 2011 00:06
    Once again pc gamers are getting screwed!
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    HEXiT , 4 April 2011 13:46
    why do they expect us to buy these cut down over priced ports. we arnt console owners in the most part. we have pc's because we are more discerning in the quality of or gaming. yet they think because console owners have put up with being abused by microsoft and there 360RRDbox they can now do it to pc owners and we will take the same and be thankful.

    not me. i already boycotted MW2 and il be more than happy not to buy this crap either.
    i know a lot of people that got upgrades as a lot do , specifically for new games like crysis (after all its what drives the hardware market). only to find out that the game wont support all the new features that the new hardware has... why? because it wouldnt work on a 5-6 year old console...

    well if they wont support pc users, dont be suprised if pc owners dont support them.
  • 0 Hide
    marney_5 , 4 April 2011 21:06
    @HEXit - Too true! I spent a fortune on a crossfire setup that wont benifit from these games because they don't want to spend the time and effort in rewarding pc gamers with awesome visuals! It's really disapointing and a total waste of money on my part because I was duped into investing in "Next Gen" games!!!
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    Anonymous , 20 April 2011 07:53
    This sucks.
    The trailer is really great but damn console focus means the game will not advance much from Oblivion which is also console-time.

    Things I really missed from Oblivion were more people, more believeable behaviour and those are heavily CPU and likely also memory eaters.
    As they want to make the game as good/bad on all platforms I'm not having any hopes left on the title.
    At least not until modders invested a lot of time, maybe the new engine is at least able to provide that.

    The Crytik idiots didn't even allow modding, I doubt Bethesda will also fall into that..

    Aside this really bad news, the trailer is amazing.